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             Johnnie Carr Spanish Club

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Spanish Club 2016-17


Bienvenidos al Club de Español de Johnnie Carr

Description of the Johnnie Carr Middle School Spanish Club:

The Johnnie Carr Middle School (JCMS) Spanish Club is comprised of students currently enrolled in JCMS. The club sponsors activities that promote understanding and goodwill among different ethnic groups and enhance creativity in diversity. The club also sponsors school events and activities, competes in statewide competitions, conducts community service, and participates in school events.

Constitution and Bylaws of the Johnnie Carr Middle School Spanish Club

Recognizing the need for tolerating different ethnic groups and enhancing the acceptance of diversity.


The mission of the JCMS Spanish Club is to empower students to serve their school and community and to encourage and promote the understanding and knowledge of the Spanish language and culture through fun activities.

Vision Statement

The vision of JCMS Spanish Club is for students studying Spanish to gather for social and service-based purposes and to enhance their cultural awareness and knowledge of Spanish-speaking countries and cultures.

Article I: Name

The official name of the organization is Johnnie Carr Spanish Club.

Article II: Purpose

-To support school-wide, cultural projects, such as Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, IB night. etc.

- To learn about the Hispanic culture

- To provide educational opportunities outside of the classroom

-To encourage service-minded people to serve their school and community without personal and / or financial reward

-To promote the principles of JCMS as represented in this club

-To unite students in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship, and mutual understanding

-To promote interest in the Spanish language and Hispanic culture through education and social events

-To represent JCMS in Spanish competitions

Article III: Membership

Membership is open to any enrolled JCMS students with an interest in Spanish-speaking cultures. To be considered a member, a student must:

-Fill out an application.

- Be currently enrolled in JCMS.

-Have satisfactory grades, attendance, and good behavior in the Spanish Club.

-Regularly attend meetings and activities.

-Participate in all club activities and fundraisers

- Pay all membership fees and buy a club t-shirt

-Obtain good teacher recommendations

Article IV: Club Procedures

The club meets formally once a week after school, unless students need to practice or get ready to any school activity or competition.

Article V: Sponsors

Sra.  Hidalgo and Sra. Gacha are the sponsors.

Article VI: Removal from the Club

The following statements can and will be observed in consideration to remove a member:

-Is not present in the weekly meetings or activities. 

-Have many unexcused absences and a bad attendance profile.

-Lack of participation in club activities.

-Not paying the club fee or T-shirt

-Failing to meet grade average requirement.

-Engaging in an illegal activity.

-Disruptive behavior (students will be given one, documented warning). If behavior does not improve, student will be removed from the club

-Voluntary withdrawal

Article VII: Dues

Every member must pay a $10.00 , non-refundable membership fee, and every member must buy the club shirt ($10) to be worn every week and at different activities / competitions.

Article VIII: Activities

Activities within the club include speaking in Spanish, culture, crafting, parties, fundraiser, school activities / events, field trips, and community service.

Article IX: Duties

Section I: Sponsor Duties

-To offer support and guidance to members

-To plan events and fundraiser

-To prepare members to compete statewide

-To handle all funds and make arrangements for events

Section II: Member Duties

-To Show a good positive behavior inside and outside of school site.

-To plan and organize school events.

-To participate in all meetings every week unless prior notification is given

-To participate in all fundraiser

-To practice and prepare for statewide competitions

-To encourage people to serve the community without personal and / or financial reward

-To design the club t-shirt and posters, performances, update social media pages, take pictures, design scrapbook, etc.

-To contribute to each celebration (food, organization, clean-up, activities)

-Follow all bylaws

-Fulfill assigned duties

Article X: Anti-Discrimination Statement

The Spanish Club admits students without regarding their race, religion, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, nationality or ethnic origin, ancestry, disability, or medical condition or any other consideration made unlawfully federal, state, and local laws.

Article XI: Anti-Hazing Statement

The Spanish Club considers hazing to be a degrading and destructive activity which is inconsistent with standards of this students club. The Spanish Club recognizes the dignity of every person and opposes all forms of hazing.

Article XII: Consideration of Changes

Section I: Bylaws

The bylaws are subject to change at the beginning of each semester.

Section II: General Membership

The sponsors and members shall encourage and consider the opinions and suggestions of all members and sponsors. Sponsors and members shall work as a team to incorporate new ideas into the club.

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